Tagungsgeschenk für alle - etwas Spezielles aus der Region!    

On 10th November the “slimmed” SGA Governing Board met at Beckenried for the annual meeting.

Because almost the entire francophone section had to be excused, the problem with the language barrier was not a topic. Giancarlo speaks German fluently, therefore he represented the whole francophone section as well.
Standard business could be worked through speedily, the new schedules were fixed, the cooperation with Steiner & Partner enters a new cycle and the new financial year can start.
The location was magnificent. We stayed in a nice hotel directly overlooking the lake Lucerne and the programme led us towards Brünig. William Tell and Robin Hood came to life and much to our amazement, hidden or secret talents surfaced. Gianca, with an almost overwhelming modesty (!!), showed what it means to be a real hunter and won the “tournament” by a long way.

  fr.l. The driver Paul, Pascal, Peter, Erich, Marcel, the winner Giancarlo and the organiser Martin

In the tent for cheese fondue of the restaurant Seerausch we could feed our hunger and afterwards, as usual, we talked business “over a pint of beer at the bar”.
Lots of thanks to the organiser. What a pity that the colleagues from Romandy couldn’t make it.
Here you will find more pictures.
The next Governing Board Meeting shall take place on 8th November 2016 at the francophone section. – We are very much looking forward to it.